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Review your contract details to find out what fees you’d be subject to for an early cancellation.  By Texas law, you can switch out of your contract up to two weeks before the end date without penalty.

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When you use PAL Energy Smart LLC, we’ll keep all these important documents in your your file, where you can instantly access these details.

Should you cancel you current contract early?

It may be worthwhile to cancel your current contract, pay the cancellation fees, and enroll in a plan where the savings make up for the cost.  Or you may be better off waiting for the end of your contract.

Simply complete the form below and we will notify you of the best rates when your contract is coming to an end.  Be careful not to renew with your current provider without first checking with PAL Energy Smart LLC to shop across our numerous affiliated energy companies.  You will likely find a better deal by switching providers or plans than by renewing your current one.

If you have any questions or if you want help determining if canceling and paying the cancellation fee could actually save you money over the long run, please also go ahead and complete the form below.
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